Press release - September 25, 2019

OTCX, the leading multi-dealer bilateral RFQ platform for off-venue interest rate derivatives, is delighted to announce the successful certified integration with thinkFolio, IHS Markit's investment management platform.

thinkFolio offers its clients advanced modelling and trading management tools for all asset classes, including fixed income and derivatives instruments. However, many of these derivatives are still traded via voice, chat or email. OTCX, by linking clients directly to their dealers, brings trading workflow efficiencies and dramatically reduces operational risk due to manual input. thinkFolio clients are now able to seamlessly ask for prices and negotiate interest rate swaps across G10 and EM currencies on outrights, curves, flys or bespoke packages for portfolio operations like rolls and compressions.

“Certification with IHS Markit’s thinkFolio platform brings peace of mind to our clients and an innovative solution to an OTC trading market that has not benefited from digital disruptors. We are looking forward to continuously bringing value to our common clients by expanding the integration coverage and defining new trading standards for non-linear derivatives,” commented Nicholas Leib, Head of Product at OTCX.

“We’re delighted that OTCX is now certified on our investment management platform,” said Keith Viverito, Managing Director for thinkFolio at IHS Markit. “We are collaborating with premium trading platforms, such as OTCX, to extend thinkFolio and to enable us to manage essential trading interfaces on our clients’ behalf.”

About OTCX
OTCX's independently owned multi-dealer RFQ platform is designed to bring, both for clients and dealers, unrivalled performance and operational efficiency to the trading of vanilla and exotic interest rate derivatives, in addition to structured products and equity derivatives. OTCX benefits anyone looking for a smarter, more efficient way to manage and support their OTC trading through powerful pre-trade, in-trade and post-trade analytics. The platform’s flexible trade capture, structured communication and extensive APIs set new standards in OTC trading and remove the dependence on manual processes and fragmented technologies.